Is Your Bank Card the Right One for You?

Accepting a credit card offer from your current bank for convenience is understandable. You don’t have to worry about getting approved, because you already have established a relationship with your bank and they find you credit-worthy enough to offer you a credit card. You also do not have to worry about customer support since you already have tested and proven your bank’s customer service. However, are you getting a good deal out of your bank card offer? Read the rest of this entry »

Guaranteed Credit Card – Your Credit Score Repair Aid

If your credit score will not allow you to qualify for a regular unsecured credit card, a guaranteed credit card may be a good alternative for you. This type of credit card provides a solution to the impasse experienced by creditors with a low credit score who want to start repairing and improving their credit viability so they can qualify for a regular credit card. Read the rest of this entry »

Credit Card Deal – An Offer You Can’t Refuse…Or Can You?

You may be happy to get exactly what you want with your credit card deal. Unfortunately, what you may think as a great offer may be nothing but a great packaging without the substance. Consumers definitely want lower interest rates, no annual fees and more rewards. This is exactly what credit card companies offer. However, if you just scratch a little under the surface, the other fees and charges defeat the purpose of the anticipated savings from what seems like a great offer. Read the rest of this entry »

Why a Credit Card for Students is a Good Idea

Are you wondering whether or not having a credit card for students is a good idea? Your concern is not without basis. A credit card is a financial responsibility. Having one will provide the student a perfect opportunity to learn taking responsibility for their finances or it can also be a training ground for a bad debtor. Read the rest of this entry »

Rebate Credit Card – Which Merchant Card Should You Choose?

Big savings from your favorite stores can now be had through a store-specific rebate credit card. If you make your regular purchases from a particular store, it may be worth your while to check if it offers a rebate card for you to enjoy big discounts, earn reward points and benefit from card member exclusive offers. Read the rest of this entry »

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